China’s Chengdu J-20 Stealth Fighter Jet

China is going to overtake Untied States by becoming the world’s largest aviation market in the next decade as China has opened a country’s grand meeting of aircraft buyers and makers at Zhuhai air show last year where it showcased its long awaited Chengdu J-20 fighter jet that made a public debut for the first time.

Newly arrived China’s Chengdu J-20 stealth fighter jets conducted a 60-second flight that much applauded by people. The J-20 fighter jet sharply disappeared after screeching onto the Zhuhai stage, performed series of turns as well as revealed it delta wing shape.

The fighter jet packed with radar-evasion and has ability of air-to-air missile that shows the upgraded version of China’s military. 

Manufactured and deployed by Chengdu Aircraft industries Group and a subsidiary of Aviation Industry Corporation of China have been reportedly attracted much more analysts.

United States News Agency revealed, the fifth generation Chengdu J-20 warplane has much resemblance with Lockheed Martin F-22 that in United States service.