Chinese Stealth Fighter Jet Shenyang J-31

Chinese Stealth Fighter Jet Shenyang J-31

The Shenyang J-31 / FC-31 fifth Generation Multi-Purpose Medium Fighter also known as the “Gyrfalcon” or “Falcon Hawk” by some military enthusiasts, J-31 is a twin-engine mid-size fifth-generation jet fighter currently under development by Shenyang Aircraft Corporation.

The fighter jet has also been referred to as the “F-60” or “J-21 Snowy Owl” in some media reports. Its official name is Shenyang FC-31 or J-31 in the Chinese military are reserved to programs launched and financed by the army, while this plane was developed by a private company.

September 2011 a photo of a model labeled as F-60 surfaced on the Internet. 

In June 2012, photos and camera video clips started to emerge on internet about a heavily overwrapped possible F-60 prototype being road transferred on a highway, earning the nickname “the zongzi plane” among Chinese netizens, though some suspect it of merely being a L-15 trainer aircraft. Pictures of a possibly fully assembled aircraft parking on an airfield emerged on September 15 and 16 2012. 

The F-60 is reported to be the export version, where the J-31 would be the domestic Chinese version of the same fighter. 

Chinese aviation expert Xu Yongling has called the J-31 an export-oriented low-end latest generation warplane. 

Due to some random reports whether the J-31 will be inducted in to China’s growing navy demands, or maybe intended for foreign customers, such as Pakistan

China’s state media reports that the J-31’s chief designer Sun Cong expressed his hope that the aircraft would follow his J-15 onto China’s aircraft carriers. 

However, officials from AVIC only said that the aircraft was intended for export as a competitor to the F-35.

Pakistan is interested in acquiring 30 to 40 of these aircraft. 

While the J-31 has been touted as a rival to the American F-35 in the export market, it remains on the success of this fighter jet.

With the exception of Pakistan and China has already successfully developed JF-17 Thunder for Pak Airforce.

In 2015 A-Star Aviation Industries Company marketed its EOTS-86 infra-red search and track as a possible addition to the J-31.

The FC-31/J-31 incorporates certain stealth characters such as forward swept intake ramps with diverterless supersonic inlet (DSI) bumps and a two-piece canopy (one-piece canopy in second prototype).

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