Control, Secure and Enhance Your Internet Cafe with Antamedia

Control, Secure and Enhance Your Internet Cafe with Antamedia

Do you run an internet cafe, esports or gaming center? If so, you need a way to control and secure access to the internet by ensuring that your customers only have access to the features and applications they need to do what they pay for. For example, you probably won’t want them being able to change system settings or install new programs. With Antamedia Internet Cafe software on your side, you can restrict access to system features, hide the desktop, folders and drives and provide a customized experience that gives your customers immediate access to the tools and programs that you offer. Furthermore, it comes with integrated billing features and multiple user tiers, allowing you to control things like the use of Office applications, video games and more.

Customize Payments with Play and Pay, Prepaid Vouchers and More

With Antamedia Internet Cafe, you get to decide how you charge for which services, without having to implement a complex set of controls yourself. For example, you can charge per minute or by specific blocks of time (such as per hour or per 20 minutes etc.). You can also offer discounts for longer periods of use, change your prices according to the time of day or even offer limited free access if you prefer. You can also group different computers by rate. For example, you might have a lower rate for your most basic machines, which are designed for everyday browsing and instant messaging, and a higher rate for your powerful gaming machines and all the extra features and abilities that come with them. Another option is to offer prepaid prices and vouchers, configure price plans to create user accounts, combine limits, assign expiry dates and more. In other words, this software lets you choose the billing methods that suit your specific venue and its clientele. It’s not a one-size-fits-all solution!

Lock Down Your Systems with Cutting-Edge Security

Even on a limited user account, it’s easy to change certain settings or exploit various vulnerabilities in Windows. As such, you can’t expect to run an internet cafe if guests can have unrestricted access to your machines. Antamedia Internet Cafe provides administrators with complete, centralized access to control and security features. For example, they can restrict access to specific system keys and shortcuts like CTRL+ALT+DEL. They can also hide system drives, specific programs or even the entire Windows shell. At the same time, employees will still be able to do their jobs, such as change the settings and repair issues on any systems that are causing trouble. You can provide elevated controls to your employees based on different access levels – administrator, operator, manager, technical and cashier. Furthermore, all employee activity on your computers will be logged, and administrators will have access to detailed reports that give them unprecedented insights into their customers.

Antamedia Internet Cafe works with Windows 7, 8 and 10. Setting it up couldn’t be simpler either – you install the server component on the main administrator computer and the client side of the software on each of the computers that your customers have access to. Learn more at


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