Don’t Miss When You Back Up Your Data

Most of us have experienced that gut-wrenching feeling when we’ve emptied the recycle bin or formatted a disk only to realize once it’s already too late that something important got deleted. In fact, accidental data deletion is one of the most common IT support issues that businesses and individuals have. Even if it’s not accidental, malicious software and hackers continue to wreak havoc on both business and personal devices to the extent that everyone needs to prioritize backup. Furthermore, you can’t afford to take things like firewalls and antivirus software for granted. Also, hard drives, particularly solid-state drives with their limited number of read/write cycles, can fail at any moment without notice, especially if they’ve had a lot of use. These are just a few reasons why you always need a robust backup solution as your last line of defense. After all, failing to plan is planning to fail!

How Disk Imaging Software Helps Keep Your Data Safe

Backing up your precious files isn’t simply a matter of copying over the contents of your documents folder onto a flash drive. In most cases, there will be important files and folders stored in other locations. The question is, do you know what files need to be kept safe? Chances are, not everything will be accessible from the documents folder alone. There’s also programs, software licenses and a whole raft of other content that you probably won’t want to lose. Disk imaging software ensures that you never forget a thing, since it automatically creates a complete, byte-by-byte image of all the data stored on any storage device. Although the backup might end up taking up significantly more space, that shouldn’t present a problem given that modern drives have more capacity than many of us could ever use.

How Does Disk Imaging Software Work?

Active@ Disk Image presents the ultimate data backup tool by copying every single one and zero on a storage device and making a byte-by-byte copy of all your data. Whether you’re a home or business user, it’s an excellent tool for making local backups of workstation computers and other devices. It works with solid-state drives, mechanical hard drives, external drives and even optical drives. To keep your backups as compact as possible, which is especially important if you plan to store them in the cloud, it allows you to choose a high compression level. Alternatively, if performance is your priority, you can choose low compression or avoid using compression at all. Furthermore, the software allows you to create disk images that only include occupied disk sectors – after all, there’s not usually any point in backing up blank sectors. Nonetheless, if you prefer, Active@ Disk Image also lets you create RAW disk images, which are identical in size to the original disk.

Active@ Disk Image provides a wealth of other useful features, including full disk image encryption, automatic task scheduling and integrated support for Windows Storage Spaces. The latest version also improves GPT handling, offers faster compression and support for the latest version of ReFS. Find out more at