Drones dropping movies, music and information on flash drives over North Korea

On Wednesday, news came out, from a North Korean defector, that unmanned drones have been dropping SD cards and hard drives into North Korea for 25 million people, containing details of life beyond their very strict internet borders.

Jung Gwang-il, is the defector and founder of No Chain, which is an organisation that has been created to tear down barriers of the censorship that is had in the country. He told Express a UK magazine that “In 2011 we began smuggling CDs and USB sticks into the country. Dystopian films are very popular, films like The Hunger Games and Mad Max. James Bond films are also very popular, North Koreans love 007.”

CNN reported that, Mr. Jung has come out with a statement at the Oslo Freedom Forum, in Oslo, Norway, this past Wednesday, about why he has started to do this, “I put great hope in these sticks… I believe this has power to bring freedom to my country.” 

No Chain has joined up with the Human Rights Foundation to quietly deliver over 1,000 SD cards and hard drives full of information (cultural, social and political), by use of helicopter drones. Due to security reasons, for both, activists in the country and stopping deliveries actually taking place, both organisations have decided not to reveal where they launch the drones from and how those respective countries feel about what they are doing, and the drop-offs of said USB drives.

The reason they have made themselves public is, as Human Rights Foundation President Thor Halvorssen says, they want to, “encourage other civil society organizations to take advantage of new technologies.”