Journalist Gets 25 Years For Associating With #Anonymous

Every time anyone associated with Anonymous gets caught up in the justice system, they are made an example of. Journalists always end up in prison for associating with Anonymous… But 25 Years For Associating With Anonymous?


Anonymous stands for justice and freedom. The hacktivist (people who use hacking as a form of protest) group Anonymous directly opposes the corruption that has rotted away the foundations of the American Dream. Whenever one of them gets caught breaking the law to do good they are always hit with maximum sentences and charged with ridiculous overinflated lists of crimes. These judges may think they are making examples of Anons (members of Anonymous) but all they are really doing is exposing their support for corruption and contempt for ANYONE who would actually seek JUSTICE from the “justice” system. 


kyanonKY Anonymous performed a hack to get justice for a girl who was raped by high school football players.

The School’s Superintendent had covered up evidence and KYAnon hacked their servers and unearthed evidence that got both players and the Superintendent charged with crimes. He got JUSTICE. What did the police do? Charge him with a laundry list of crimes and he is now looking at 10 YEARS in PRISON to help a rape victim get justice… I should point out that he is facing more time than the rapists…

barrettbBarrett Brown was strongly connected with Anonymous but was just a journalist…

He SHARED a LINK to some information that had been retrieved by Anons. At one point Barrett faced 105 years in prison for a crime he hadn’t even committed.

Or was it because he was Anonymous?

aarronsAaron Swartz, an activist and Anon was facing 35 years for stealing Articles.

Swartz believed that information should be free and in protest he downloaded MILLIONS of articles from JSTOR using a hidden computer in an MIT closet… After he was caught and charged with so many crimes he couldn’t see straight, tragically, he ended his own life because he lost hope. Some people even speculate that he didn’t commit suicide but was murdered. Either way, the broken system is responsible for his death…


Now Matthew Keys has been convicted of 3 hacking crimes and is facing 25 years in Federal Prison for sharing his login credentials. 

Several hacktivists belonging to LulzSec used Keys’ login information to gain access to L.A. Times website and change a headline for an hour. Maybe people are being made an example of because: “Earlier this year, President Barack Obama called for Congress to expand prison sentences for those found guilty under this law.” What a great guy.

keysIt turns out that Keys actually didn’t share his credentials. Keys claims that the LulzSec hackers got his information through IRC while he was trying to gather journalistic information about Anonymous.

He claims that the system is just making another example out of another journalist who associated themselves with Anonymous… I think he’s right.