“Minsk-22” USSR Computer

The device was extremely popular in the field of planning and economics. Input and output devices that used punched cards were connected the the computer, as well as alphanumeric printing devices.

But the breakthrough model can be considered to be the “Minsk-23”, released in 1966.

“Minsk-23” Computer

The performance of the “Minsk-23” was about 7 thousand operations per second. It used many, unique for the time, technical developments which allowed the machine to work in multitasking mode. Amongst the technical developments were: an advanced system of interruptions and suspensions, universal communication with external devices, and a protected area of memory for system programs.  

"Minsk-22" USSR Computer 1

The unit could run up to 3 working and 5 service programs simultaneously. To do this, the machine was equipped with the first “Manager” operating system in the USSR. 

Several large Soviet enterprises were based on the “Minsk-23” computer. For example, the system used in the Moscow association “Mosmoloko” was based on it, as was a system for the sale and reservation of seats on “Aeroflot” flights. Unfortunately the “Minsk-23” was not commercially successful – the plant produced a total of 28 machines.