Provide Internet to Your Guests with the Best WiFi Hotspot Software

Wireless internet connectivity is now expected in virtually any public venue, whether it’s a cafe, nightclub, restaurant, hotel, shop or just about anything else. In fact, many consider internet access to be an essential service on par with electricity and running water. In other words, you cannot afford to leave your paying customers unable to use the internet. Fortunately, setting up the best wifi hotspot software doesn’t have to be difficult, even if you have many users. With Antamedia Hotspot Software at your disposal, you can offer free or paid internet to a handful of guests in a pension or to the entire population of a large city block. In other word’s it offers a fully scalable solution that you can tailor to the specific needs of your business and its clientele. No matter how many people who want to provide internet access to, however, this solution is centrally-managed and fully cloud-enabled.

Offer Both Free and Paid Internet Access to Your Customers

If you have paying guests in an entertainment or accommodation venue, then chances are they will be expecting free internet. If so, Antamedia Hotspot Software has you covered by allowing you to display a welcome message or splash page to your visitors when they log in to the network. Since the solution provides its own security, you can also use it to provide password-free internet access so that your guests don’t have to keep asking members of staff for the password.

If, on the other hand, you want to offer paid access, that won’t be a problem either. Antamedia Hotspot Software supports various payment providers, and you can easily add a customized welcome screen to help your visitors get connected. It also supports multiple languages and payment systems to help your guests get online as quickly and hassle-free as possible. This makes it the perfect solution for internet cafes where you typically want to offer a paid service.

Another possibility is to offer both free and paid internet options to your guests. For example, you can offer a time- or bandwidth-limited free connection to guests. Those who run out of time or want to enjoy more bandwidth or greater speed may instead opt for a paid service. You can add as many different user tiers as you like.

Customize Your Solution with Unique Branding and Functionality

Creating your own WiFi hotspot with Antamedia Hotspot Software couldn’t be easier. All you need is a PC with two network cards, where one power the hotspot software as the gateway to your network. Whenever someone connects to the internet via your hotspot, they will automatically be redirected to your welcome page. This can be any page you want, and there are plenty of fully customizable themes to choose from to help you get started. This means you can easily add your logo and preferred color scheme to preserve your branding throughout. The welcome screen works on smartphones, tablets and laptops, and you can also use it to display video or image ads and create surveys to collect valuable data about your customers.

Whether you want to offer a great WiFi service in a hotel, restaurant, bar or even an entity as large as an airport or school, Antamedia Hotspot Software has you covered. Visit today to get started.