Restored The Soviet’s Unique All-Terrain Vehicle

One of the copies of the car “Blue Bird”, developed for searching for landed astronauts, has been fully restored. The SUV in the photo is a legendary “Blue Bird”, a unique tri-axle floating SUV, designed for search and evacuation of landed spacecraft crews.

To rescue space explorers, these cars have to swim, go through trees, to overcome the absolute off-road. Besides “Blue Bird” is not just an all-terrain vehicle, but the whole complex, which includes screw-propelled vehicle. About three dozen normal (if that adjective is applicable to such a machine) “Blue Birds” were released, and this particular example is a modified version of the 150-strong fiberglass tri-axle, created before the breakdown of the USSR on behalf of the interdepartmental commission.

Restored The Soviet’s Unique All-Terrain Vehicle 1

As the portal says “Special vehicles and commercial vehicles,” of such modernized machines “fewer were made than the fingers on one hand.”
Passenger ZIL-49065 is in full working order. Its restoration was done by “MSTS6 AMOSIL” LLC, which recently got the famous “Machine-assembly department № 6”, which made government limousines and ZIL cabriolet.