How to Start a Link Building Campaign?

How to Start a Link Building Campaign?

What is a link building campaign?

A link building campaign is the process of actively trying to increase links to your website, usually accompanied by some kind of overarching objective. It will use assets belonging to the website in order to acquire those links, and an asset can be anything from content and news to products and services.

How long will it take for link building to improve a site’s ranking?

setting goals, it can take time for link building to have a positive effect on the rankings of your website. The length of time can vary greatly and depend on a number of factors:

The competitiveness of your industry as a whole

How competitive your target keywords are

The activity of your competitors, i.e., if they are actively building links, too

The types of links you’re building 

The history and strength of your domain

All of these factors can mean that it can take from several days to several months before an increase in ranking is achieved. This should be factored into your goals and expectations and all parties should be made aware that instant improvement is unlikely.

Before you get started, it’s worth making note of where you currently rank for your most important keywords, as well as how those ranks change once your link building work really gets underway. Depending on how many keywords you’re tracking and across what time frame, using a tool like Moz Pro might make things easier, but you can always track things on your own using a simple spreadsheet and clicking through SERPs to see where you’re currently ranking. 

A realistic expectation to set is that you will see an increase in traffic if you are constantly working on improving your website, business, and online activity. You should try to not think of link building as a one-off activity, because you may be disappointed by the results. Instead, link building should be a constant stream of activity coupled with other initiatives such as content creation, great customer service and social media. Combined, all of this activity can lead to an increase in traffic and an increase in revenue for your business. It is the combination and a consistent drive towards the goal that can make this more likely to happen quickly. 


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