The last of the Mohicans: The “Minsk 32” computer

The “Minsk-32” computer was released in 1968 and incorporated all of the best achievements of the previous models in the series.

In addition to substantial productivity gains (the machine processed about 30 − 35 thousands operations per second), the presence of a multiprogramming system (up to 4 independent channels could operate at the same time), the ability to use multi machine systems, and the “Minsk 32” ran software that was compatible with previous computers from the “Minsk” family.

In the 60’s it was a common practice to create a complex and expensive program that could only run on a single model of computer system, so the implementation of such interoperability became a real innovation and highlight of the “Minsk-32”. 

From 1968 to 1975, about 3 thousand of these machines were released, but despite its popularity, the “Minsk-32” was the last representative of the whole “Minsk” family of computers.