The Top Five Mistakes Men Make Dating Online!

Here are the top five mistakes and how to avoid them with dating women online!

Mistake#1. Having a Boring, Average Profile!
Common mistake guys make.

You have to put some decent time and effort into the profile.

You MUST shine above the masses.

Tip one is to have an interesting / different profile with some humour.

Tip two is to have nothing negative in your profile. And a good photo!

Mistake#2. Placing too High a Value On a Potential Date!
This is another instinctive mistake made when first starting out.

Your mind plays tricks on you and you put the lady on a pedestal before even meeting her!

Particularly if you haven’t had a date for a while. 

Tip one, Treat every potential date as an opportunity for YOU to check HER out and see if you fancy her!

Tip two, NEVER expect to meet the love of your life on a first date.

This way you will never be disappointed and sometimes very pleased. 

Mistake#3. Not Meeting Quickly Enough!
Did this myself for far too long.

The longer you leave it before you meet, the less likely it is to happen.

So forget about emailing for months and getting all worked up over email.

As soon as possible, meet for coffee and a chat to see if you like each other.

This will save you a lot of time, energy and disappointments.

Tip one, Ask for a coffee date in the first two weeks of emails.

Tip two, if she doesn’t agree to meet, move on and don’t worry about it.

There are plenty more.   

Mistake#4. Emailing Interstate and Overseas Profiles!
I did this as well when I first started dating online.

It’s tempting to do but is a complete waste of your time, energy and focus.

Unless you are rich and have a lot of spare time, don’t bother with interstate and overseas profiles.

What’s the odds of you ever really hooking up?

Very little.

Why would they be better than someone local?

Tip one, only focus and contact women in your immediate area.

Tip two, keep it down to 100 km radius from your home. This will
Keep your expenses and time travels down.

Mistake#5. Not Calling the Meeting Café!
This is more important than it sounds. Women like to be lead by a decisive man. So call the café, time and date.   

If she can’t make it when you suggest, reschedule to suit her.

She will get the impression you are not timid and are comfortable making decisions, this is good.

Tip one, make the first date during a week night. This will suggest you have a life and are busy on the weekend.

Tip two, be relaxed at the coffee date. Don’t mention past partners or that you haven’t dating anyone for a long time. Just have some fun and BE happy.

Avoiding these five mistakes will save you a lot of time, money, energy and focus with online dating. They will prevent you from quitting before you start getting the results you desire and deserve.

Have fun and many happy seductions..