Turn Data into Insights with CRD Crystal Reports Scheduler

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Turn Data into Insights with CRD Crystal Reports Scheduler Leverage Data-Driven Insights with Regular Reports

Turn Data into Insights with CRD Crystal Reports Scheduler

Digital data is one of the most important assets for any modern business. Furthermore, given the increasing ubiquity of internet-connected devices like smartphones and tablets, the amount of data available is growing all the time. This is why one of the biggest technology buzzwords of the time is so-called ‘big data’, which refers to data sets that are so large they are beyond human comprehension. However, like any business, your decision-making processes are heavily dependent on data-driven insights. In other words, rather than being an aide in business growth and marketing, data should be the driving force behind your operational decisions. The biggest challenge, however, lies in finding a way to make sense of the ones and zeros and translate them into actionable insights through user-friendly reports.

Leverage Data-Driven Insights with Regular Reports

If you feel that your existing ERP system is not delivering the information you need to keep your business moving forward, then it might be time to implement a new reports function. CRD Crystal Reports Scheduler provides the tools you need to set up and configure reports that display the data that’s most relevant to your company in a convenient and user-friendly format. These reports may be configured to draw data from a wide variety of sources, such as ERP and CRM. Setting up and scheduling reports is a quick and simple process thanks to the intuitive wizard-powered interface. You can choose how often you want reports to be sent, where they are to draw their data from and which format you want them to be in. Supported output formats include Word, Excel, PDF, HTML, RPT and TXT. Reports can then be delivered to your email, cloud storage account, local folder or straight to a printer or fax machine.

CRD Crystal Reports Scheduler isn’t a one-size-fits-all solution. Instead, recognizing the fact that every company and industry have a unique set of goals and priorities, the program is both flexible and highly customizable. For example, you can schedule reports to be created hourly, daily, weekly or monthly. You can also configure your own frequencies if none of the built-in options are suitable for you. Alternatively, you can have the program automatically generate reports whenever it detects a specific event like a file modification or new database value. There are numerous formats, report sources and destinations to choose from, with the idea being that the program is designed to integrate perfectly with your existing computing infrastructure.

What’s New in the Latest Edition of CRD Crystal Reports Scheduler?

Released in June, version 7.8 of CRD Crystal Reports Scheduler sports some important enhancements, including improved support for .NET framework 4.6.1 during installations and updates and automatic checking of the operating system for compatibility. Several issues have also been resolved – the GBP symbol now displays correctly, the trial expired message no longer appears on activated accounts and email destinations have been fixed.

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Custom Tasks and Workflow Automation
Give yourself greater control by using CRD’s Custom Tasks to create automation scripts and workflows. Use them as a complete automation process in ‘automation schedules’, or to provide additional enhancement as part of report export schedules.

Additional Report Schedules Task Actions

    • Run Custom Tasks before report delivery.
    • Run Custom Task after report production.
    • Run Custom Task after report delivery.
    • Run Custom Task before and after a report has exported.
    • Use custom tasks to create Automation Schedules.

Available Custom Tasks

  • Run Program (bat, exe, com)
  • Open, Print Document
  • Wait/Pause
  • Send SMS
  • Execute Schedule
  • Set, Delete Create Registry Key
  • Copy, Rename, Move, Delete File
  • Write to Text File
  • Zip, Unzip Files
  • Create, Rename, Move Folder
  • Merge PDF Files.
  • Send an Email
  • Open a Web Address
  • Upload to FTP
  • Download, Delete from FTP
  • Create, Delete FTP Directory
  • Execute SQL Script
  • Run Stored Procedure
  • Insert, Update, Delete Database Record
  • Create, Delete Database Table
  • Create, Delete Table Column


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