Watch HDR and 8K video formats with a high-end multimedia player

Watch HDR and 8K video formats with a high-end multimedia player

It doesn’t seem that long ago that 4K was a great novelty, but almost as soon as ultra-high-definition formats entered into the mainstream, a spate of new formats sporting even better video quality started appearing. Today, you can now find videos in 8K resolution, which includes a staggering four times the number of pixels of a 4K display and 16 times that of full high-definition recordings like those found on Blu-ray disks. On top of that, there are many other new exciting formats, such as those supporting high dynamic range (HDR) technology for crisper colors and better contrasts than ever seen before. The only problem is with these sort of specialist and high-end formats is that a standard multimedia player likely isn’t going to be able to handle it, especially if it only supports 32-bit instruction sets as most programs still do. If you’re looking for a video player which can serve all your needs now and tomorrow, then KMPlayer 64x should have you covered.

Support for all the latest hardware

When you’ve spent a fortune on the high-end computing hardware needed to play back glorious 8K and HDR video content, the last thing you want basic software that can’t even take advantage of the available computing power. Most multimedia players only support 32-bit instruction sets, despite the fact 64-bit hardware has now been standard in mobile and desktop devices for some years. Fortunately, KMPlayer 64x takes full advantage of today’s multicore 64-bit processors, graphics cards, and other hardware to provide users with the best possible playback experience. As an 8K player and an HDR player wrapped into one, KMPlayer 64x makes sure your videos don’t play back like a slideshow, and instead make maximum use out of your available hardware. Of course, you will still need a powerful machine, but you still need the right software to enjoy it to its full potential.

Get the most out of older hardware

Perhaps you’re not quite ready yet for 8K and HDR. After all, given the high costs and rarity of the hardware necessary to support it, not many of us are. Fortunately, that doesn’t mean you need to settle for poor quality and subpar performance. Even if you don’t have an HDR screen, KMPlayer 64x lets you enjoy the richest colors your monitor will allow. Thanks to the powerful proprietary algorithm and the inclusion of all the latest versions of high-quality, industry-standard codecs, the video player can unleash the best contrasts and crispest colors. You can also watch your favorite YouTube videos offline by downloading them instead of having to open them in your web browser.

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