Xeoma – Innovative Video Surveillance Software With Professional Functions

“At the end of the day, the goals are simple: safety and security”, – Jodi Rell.

With Xeoma Video Surveillance Software you’ll find your key to safety, order, sanity, and peace of mind. Xeoma is a professional video surveillance software that will suit a system of any size. As a powerful and effective solution, Xeoma will keep an eye on your home, office, business, town, etc.

Xeoma is a cross-platform software – it works on Windows, Mac OS, Linux/ARM, Android, and iOS. Looking for a video surveillance software that supports a wide variety of digital cameras including USB cameras, wireless cameras, integrated web cameras and IP cameras? Xeoma video surveillance supports more than 430 camera brands (analog, IP, ONVIF, USB, H.264+, H.265+, MJPEG, MPEG4, PTZ, WiFi, Fisheye, any resolution). With Xeoma you can connect up to 1000 cameras to one server and use an unlimited number of servers and clients. Do you prefer to use a machine without GUI? Xeoma supports multiple console commands and works stably on OS without graphical shell.

Video surveillance software has never been as user-friendly as it is with this solution. Xeoma software is ready to work right after download: no installation, admin rights or additional codecs required. Autosearch of cameras will begin right after the program is launched. You will get professional video surveillance in 3 easy steps: download – start – enjoy!

Xeoma provides an intuitive interface with a visual construction set-type interface for setting up the various modules of your video surveillance system. The visual editor makes the process of setting up your own video surveillance simple and enjoyable and you can get the job done in minimal time. With this video surveillance solution you can run the software on multiple computers, connect them all together and view the feeds on the server computer.

Innovative video surveillance software with professional functions from intelligent motion detection to cashier register/POS (point of sale) integration, and smoke detector. Xeoma is the best software with flexible video analytics: ANPR, face recognition, SMS/email notifications, detectors of sound, abandoned items, crowd and sabotage, visitors counter, face and objects blur, integration with external devices and smart home systems, PTZ tracking, user access rights, interactive map (eMap), heatmap, embedding to websites, failover, support of IP microphones, Repeater service with access from anywhere in the world, Cloud video surveillance.

Xeoma also includes many other features such as daytime detector, built-in media player, LDAP active directory synchronization, unitor, and remote access. The remote access feature is especially flexible since it allows you to manage your video surveillance network from anywhere in the world where you have an Internet connection, even inside firewall or mobile network. Now it is easy to track e.g. children’s activity on computer over the Internet.

We care about our users and are happy to provide favourable terms for our partners:
– permanent discounts;
– opportunity to create your own Cloud service – now you can set up your own video surveillance as a service and decide on the terms of offering it to your subscribers at any price;
– free rebranding – help your subscribers remember and recognize your brand! You can change the name, icon, add your company’s address, support business hours, links to your site, etc. Use our free rebranding tool to provide Xeoma under your name.

There are three editions of Xeoma video surveillance software. The free version with the ability to view up to 1000 cameras all at once is available for home use and supports up to three modules in each scheme. The trial version is basically a time-limited edition of the full Pro-version and is perfect for those who prefer to try before they buy. The full, commercial version supports any number of modules and is available in 3 modes:
1. Lite (basic functionality for up to 4 cameras);
2. Standard (all the necessary features like Motion and Sound detector, record, notification and many more);
3. Pro (all the advantages of the Standard edition + professional modules and video analytics).

Since 2004, Xeoma developers, FelenaSoft Company makes users all over the world happy with easy multi-functional video surveillance software. Xeoma is easy for beginners and profitable for professionals and manufacturers. Don’t torment yourself with built-in cameras software of poor quality. Improve your security system with Xeoma video surveillance software now! Get your complete video surveillance solution with full functional, flexible settings and innovative graphical interface at https://felenasoft.com/xeoma/en/ .

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